How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Editor? Self-publishing, Beta-readers, And Editors

hello this is dr. day Matt stop talking about reciprocity calm the e is written with a three and in this particular video I have really wanted to talk to you about how much it actually costs a hire an editor in your whether you’re doing sort of the self-publishing route you’re a writer of some sort whether you’re an academic of some sort you know what should you do and how much does it actually cost you get a editor you know I’m gonna get into how much it actually cost then I’m gonna get into sort of some schools of thought and then I’m gonna suggest you know what are the possible Zoar alternatives or something that not I created that I think is actually interesting so you know the first thing is how much does it actually cost to hire an editor when I’m talking about in an editor I’m talking about a writer editor right so somebody that’s not getting actually gonna help you with your writing that might be somebody that is going to do the proofreading as well as the copy editing the content editing as well as going through the material I’m kind of thinking about this broadly as somebody that’s gonna help you get to the point where you have better writing so somebody that’s actually gonna get their hands dirty and not just do sort of the occasional for minor changes and things like that so again I can’t remember but don’t you already but I’m a professor of innovation strategy and entrepreneurship and I had this particular problem with my own work so I have a lot of issues with my own work I am NOT the best writer I have all sorts of problems with distractions and kind of not getting the words out correctly and not knowing how to sort of structure things you know it was it’s been really tough for me so I thought you know I’m sort of an engineer kind of person I am an engineer and as well as you know I’m trained in entrepreneurship and stuff and stuff so I thought I’d actually sort of create something to sort of navigate this problem but anyways with that me I’ll tell you all about that in a minute um so the first school of thought is that you have to pay for some sort of editor with your writing to improve it right so a copy editor or something like that and that’s gonna cost you and I do do I have somebody that I rely on and you know and it often will cost you thousands of dollars whatever it is maybe it’s so so for me I would do academic writing so I write articles and that you know it cost me sometimes thousands of dollars to for for to find somebody that’s that’s that’s truly is amazing and the person that I rely on is truly amazing you can find other people that probably do it much more cheaper I used to in high school I used to get my mom to help me out not kind of stuff and I just can’t ask her to do that now it’s just you know it’s I can’t so it could wring cost you anywhere from say five hundred dollars to a thousand thousands of dollars for you know 30 40 50 pages but then once you start getting into and traditionally so writers and editors will or sherry editors of any sort will charge by the word right because you could put a lot of stuff into a page so what they’re what they’re gonna do is charge you per word and it could be anywhere from you know probably a couple of cents to you know five cents a word and sort of depends on what they’re looking at what they’re going through and and you know it’s depends on the content and all that kind of stuff so it could add up if you’re writing a book of some sort and it’s you know a couple hundred pages of written work maybe you know eighty thousand words for example it’s gonna be you know it’s gonna start adding up and you’re gonna start looking into probably five to ten thousand range for to get that work edited a lot of editors are not all that good I apologize some in a a lot are amazing right truly truly amazing people they’re gonna help you out but some are not all that good and they’re not gonna help you out in a lot of different ways so the other sort of school of thought and that’s gonna be really expensive especially if you’re sort of a first-time person that’s doing sort of self-publishing and things like that it’s gonna be outside of your price range by far right like you’re expecting your first book that you have a right or first thing they ever write you’re expecting me nothing maybe a couple hundred bucks if you’re amazing you know that’s just kind of and unfortunately that’s that’s kind of what the range is right and when you first start out and you something so the the second thing is you just get out there and you start writing as much as you possibly can and write and write and write and write and write and and that is a really good school of thought you just kind of don’t really consider you know you don’t really consider the quality as much and I do do that personally for a lot of different things so for example you know right now currently as it stands I’m not really going through and editing I’m writing a bunch of stuff for the the notes but I’m not really going through and editing that much every once in a while I’ll put it through in the system that I created but in general I’m you know I’m just putting it out there and that that is fine because what you’re trying to do is build an audience and that’s sort of you know you’re just getting out there and being raw and putting stuff out and I just totally cool um and when you’re writing a book though that or writing something larger or like an academic article or something that really matters that you probably don’t want to do that that’s that’s gonna be it’s gonna hurt you a lot in the long run right because you’re gonna get a lot of barriers along the way so when I personally did what I actually had I had this interesting idea I thought I’d actually create some sort of software system that would help us you know help you and help many different people to sir navigate these particular issues where the problem when you sort of get sort of feedback from somebody else or the people are just not incentivize they’re not gonna help you out in any sort of way they’re gonna be like up whatever buddy I and truly that I bumped into that a lot and they just don’t really care and then the other side is you just I mean it’s too expensive right source adding up it’s really expensive and sometimes you know depending on what the document is it’s you know you’re kind of in a grey zone so I wanted to create something that was really fun and easy to use so I created this this software platform called reciprocity it’s a proofreading platform of reciprocity dot-com and really what you do is it actually tries to find quality editors for you so you can go so the cool thing is you go on there and you actually edit somebody else’s work to get credits and once you get credits for that you start building up and you can get your own work edited you could pay for it at the beginning and that’s probably the way that I would do it and I’ve been doing it as I just been paying you know it takes a little bit of time sometimes to go through the finding editor but I’m sort of sorting that out as I go and develop this and as people start using a little bit more I’m sorting out the sort of mechanism to speed that but generally it tries to find really good people that are going to give you feedback and help you out and try to reduce the cost as much as possible and as well as sort of create this community where you can help other people and it sort of provides feedback much more quicker it’s kind of like I you know a writing circle or something like that or a beta reader where you’re actually truly finding people that are incentivized to do that kind of stuff and that’s really hard to do it’s hard to find those particular people that are willing to do that and give you feedback and to create this particular community right it’s hard to do so I thought it’d be really cool the other cool thing that I wanted to do and this is for a part of you know a big broader sort of academic agenda is you know when I explore some really cool things with research you could look at some my other videos with that with helping people out in incentivizing people to be amazing and wonderful and awesome so yeah so so the idea is to to create some sort of system to reduce the cost as much as possible it’s called the transaction costs of getting feedback reduce as much as possible such that people are willing to sort of participate and help other people and you know create this utopia I guess right of similar writing website where people can actually help each other other people out and and it is it is working it was really cool I can sort of put stuff on there it takes time but it comes back and people vetted it and helped out and stuff and they get credits for that which is really neat so it’s getting around this particular problem of these sort of two schools of thought where one as you’re paying a lot up front the other one is your and you really don’t know the quality so it’s trying to to create a system where you actually have feedback on both the editors and I’m gonna start building that in eventually getting some more feedback for in the editors and for you as the writers and then the other thing is you know written making incentivizing people to participate in some sort of environment where it’s really easy to do that kind of stuff where people can join and participate yeah so that’s really what I’m trying to do is navigate the sort of in-between area right so you know it’s gonna be really expected that the people that are kind of you know it’s really hard to find somebody that is that is gonna help you and a lot of people don’t have their mom and don’t have their dad to help them out we’re sort of writing in that’s really what starts to happen after a while with a lot of people and then you know people that are kind of in between they can’t afford a lot of money to spend on an editor or writer and things like that so it’s to create the sort of system where it’s in between and and it creates kind of this sort of in-between spot right it’s really what I’m trying to do at this moment and to build it out to make it as useful as possible so that’s what I wanted to tell you about and oh so did I not answer so how much does it cost to hire an editor if you’re trying to do this health publishing thing if you’re trying to do sort of smaller things right so maybe 30 40 pages you’re looking at anywhere up to maybe $1,500 American USD and if you’re trying to do something bigger like a book it’s gonna cost you you know probably a five to ten thousand dollars for that kind of thing so that’s the kind of answer with that hopefully with this system then a building it’s gonna reduce the cost dramatically as well as allow you to help other people out so even if you don’t have the money as long as you’re helping other people out then it’s it’s essentially free and I tried to create it so there’s no system fees for you to actually go and participate on that particular platform if you’re just helping other people out so there’s absolutely no system fees at that moment if you’re just wanting to help other people out so that’s it that’s not one to say that’s my whole story feel alright well take take care and have a wonderful day bye

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