Watch if you dare | Explaining my Master’s Thesis in Mechanical Engineering

hi friends today we’re doing a sit down video we haven’t done one of these in a while and what I really want to do is go through my master’s thesis because everyone always asks me what did I do what was my topic on and I feel like I should just address it make a full video about it and then put it in the past before we get started I want to say that this video is sponsored by deaf Mountain and if you don’t know Devin Melton is a coding school they teach tons of different development for web for iOS and they have many different locations in the States you can check them out in the link in my description thank you to Devin mountain for sponsoring this video boom so fast getting really good at that ok so going directly into my master’s thesis basically I’m kind of kind of give you the introduction of my master’s thesis which explains kind of everything we all know that renewable energies are gaining a lot of traction and they’re gaining a lot of funding and government subsidies because we’re pushing for renewables but if you know anything about renewables you also know that they’re very sporadic for example you only get electricity from solar panels when they can be charged with sunlight so that’s when there’s no clouds when it’s sunny outside so not at night etc etc for wind power it’s very sporadic you could have you know wind turbines spinning all the time and then as soon as there’s no when your turbines finish so renewable energy fluctuates a lot so despite a push for renewables we’re still going to continue burning fossil fuels that’s just the way it is right now we don’t have a better solution so now looking at fossil fuels particularly looking at natural gas which is not cool I personally believe we should all move away from coal coal is not very good so let’s talk about natural gas we’re gonna need to continue to burn fossil fuels in order to meet consumers energy demand when wind is not functioning and we can’t get energy from renewables we’re going to need to start up some gas turbines quickly to keep that energy demand constant for you know everyone everyone it’s trying to watch Netflix or cook and use their dishwasher whatever we’re going to need to meet that energy demand so a new novel combustion system that burns natural gas is called a sequential combustor so if you look at your PV thermodynamics diagram basically a normal combustor pumps in fuel burns the fuel and then releases that fuel it spins the turbine when the fuel expands and then the turbine generates electricity so a sequential combustor what it does is that instead of releasing that fuel air burnt combustion mixture after it combusts that mixture is still hot and the thing is that he contains a form of energy look heat is a form of energy it’s the lowest grade form of energy because it’s the hardest to convert to electricity or whatever what the sequential combustor does is it takes that heat from the combustion process and squirts in a little bit more fuel a little bit more air and then it combusts again if there doesn’t even need to be a spark or anything because the fuel air mixture is so hot from the first stage that if you’re just squirting a little bit more feel a little bit more air it combusts so then you have two flames in one gas turbine now this is state-of-the-art newest form of technology for gas turbine combustion systems and the reason it’s great is because it has super high operational and fuel flexibility and it’s more efficient so it can burn feel more efficiently now in the gas turbine industry usually what you want to do is you want to burn fuel at the super lean regime you don’t want to be wasting fuel when you can just squirt it in a little bit of fuel and get out the power that you want but the problem when you go to the fuel lean regime right now my hands are doing the equivalence ratio versus temperature Tyger him if you have an equivalence ratio of 1 which basically means you have perfect amount of fuel for the amount of air you have and together is in the perfect world if they mixed you would get co2 in water and you wouldn’t get any and nitrogen and you wouldn’t get any other byproducts so in a perfect world burning at an equivalence ratio of one would give you no other byproducts no other like NOx but that doesn’t happen you always have some sort of byproducts so what gas turbine companies do is they actually burn in a fuel lean regime so they have a lot of air and they just squirting a little bit of fuel why did I do this because they don’t want to waste fuel they don’t want to burn up all the fuel and they want to still generate electricity so that’s why they do it the problem is that when you go to this fuel lean regime you have a little bit of fuel for a lot of air so when you’re trying to mix that fuel in with the air you don’t get a homogeneous mixture before you burn that’s why a lot of companies you know spend a lot of time looking into different mixing methods like this is big field of research getting the perfect mixture of fuel and air is essential and when you have a little bit of fuel for a lot of air makes it more difficult to get this perfect mixture now why do we want this perfect mixture don’t worry I’m getting to my thesis project this is all tizen why do you want this perfect homogenous mixture so if you don’t have a homogenous mixture of like this amount of fuel like let’s say one part fuel to 10 part air if you don’t have this homogenous mixture everywhere you’re gonna have some parts of your fuel that have more fuel than air that have half fuel half air that have no fuel at all and when this happens when you when those little pieces of the mixture arrive to your flame front what happens is that certain parts of that mixture are gonna burn hotter than other parts because the closer you go to an equivalence ratio of one the hotter your flame will be so when I’m talking about the equivalent ratio of one again I’m talking about that perfect stoichiometric mixture of the perfect amount of fuel and the perfect amount of air that give you only co2 and water at the end of your combustion so if you have an in the homogenous mixture that reaches your flame front and parts of the fuel are burning hotter than other parts of the fuel you have a flame that’s burning and that is different temperatures at different parts of the flame so you have your a ménage mixture coming up to the flame front and now the flame is not the same temperature at every part why is that a problem so if you go to your ideal gas equation you know PV equals NRT the higher temperature you have the more pressure you have the higher temperature the flame is releasing in certain areas the higher pressure the flame is releasing in certain areas so now you have this different pressure fluctuations so having pressure fluctuations inside a gas turbine is dangerous because these pressure fluctuations are kind of like vibrations and they can couple with the geometry and material properties of the gas turbine and cause a feedback loop and then these vibrations can spiral out of control and in the most dangerous and serious cases the gas turbine can crack its components can crack and explode so that’s why it’s really important to minimize the vibrations and especially you want to make sure that the modes of the gas turbine so you’ll notice that there are different frequency ranges that you know if there’s some sort of in homogeneity inside of the flame and if it starts you know vibrating at a certain frequency the guest turbine can start vibrating at a first-served frequency maybe that’s 50 Hertz maybe that’s 200 Hertz maybe that’s however many you know 2,000 Hertz whatever you do not want to activate any of these natural frequencies of the combustion engine this is like I guess maybe I feel like I’m being clear if I’m not being clear let me know you know there are natural frequency modes if you have a string this long it will have a natural frequency of like two nodes 1/2 a wave you can do it in a way that it has two nodes or if you have a strong string this long it’ll be a different frequency and so that’s the same thing with gas turbine engines is that based on their geometry and their material properly produced and their size they will have different natural frequencies and these frequencies can be activated based on what the flame is doing so that’s what I was doing for my master’s thesis so this is called thermo acoustic coupling ok now you learn something new now thermal acoustic coupling basically has not really looked at in many cases the biggest field where it was investigated it was rocket engines so in the past rocket engines they would discover that they would explode and they couldn’t figure out why so for example for the Apollo 11 their engine was the Saturn 5 f1 now this engine had undergone 3200 full-scale tests and 2,000 of those full-scale tests were dedicated to solving the problem of thermo acoustics so it’s a big problem and it was mainly investigated in you know rocket engines but doing so many tests is super expensive especially for small companies or gas turbine companies or whatever doing these tests it’s expensive you can’t in the stand age rebuild and do tests on gas turbine or on rocket engines three thousand times what we do now is we use so that’s what I actually did in my master’s thesis what I did was I use safety program or it’s not really a program it’s like it was just a numerical solver so I used a numerical solver called a VDP and it’s not commercially available so you can’t get it basically I used this numerical solver and I created a mesh of not a real gas turbine but of like the test burner we have in our lab and I investigated thermo acoustics on this burner and the way I was doing that was that I was imposing an excitation in the first flame and then I was looking at what happened within the dynamics between the two flames if the pumping of the first flame affected the second flame or not that’s what I did I hope this was informative if you have any questions on my thesis you can ask them below if you would like my master’s thesis you can enter your email at the form below and I will email you might master’s thesis and you could read through it there are probably mistakes I don’t want to know if there are mistakes ok like I don’t care it’s submitted it’s done don’t email me back if I have mistakes I also my supervisor was a PhD student and — I also like my work fed into his work and together we published a journal article if you would like access to that journal article and to my master’s thesis you just enter your email in the form below and I will send that to you last thing is we’re doing a live stream on February 11 or 13 I’m not even sure anymore again it’ll be an AMA I’ll probably get some cake and eat cake while I answer your questions basically I just want to hang out I’m going to be in a new apartment by then so this week has been really stressful because I’m trying to pack here I’ll just show you I’m trying to pack up all of my crabs so here you’ll see I have this like my bags of clothes well actually this is just a full bag of shoes all of my clothes fit in there this is clothes that I can’t figure out what to do with them I then yeah I guess I have like an entire kayak right there that’s like my toiletries and then my aloe plants my lovely mellow plants I hope you liked this video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up do you want to see more please subscribe if you have any questions about my master’s thesis leave them in the comments below [Music]

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Editor? Self-publishing, Beta-readers, And Editors

hello this is dr. day Matt stop talking about reciprocity calm the e is written with a three and in this particular video I have really wanted to talk to you about how much it actually costs a hire an editor in your whether you’re doing sort of the self-publishing route you’re a writer of some sort whether you’re an academic of some sort you know what should you do and how much does it actually cost you get a editor you know I’m gonna get into how much it actually cost then I’m gonna get into sort of some schools of thought and then I’m gonna suggest you know what are the possible Zoar alternatives or something that not I created that I think is actually interesting so you know the first thing is how much does it actually cost to hire an editor when I’m talking about in an editor I’m talking about a writer editor right so somebody that’s not getting actually gonna help you with your writing that might be somebody that is going to do the proofreading as well as the copy editing the content editing as well as going through the material I’m kind of thinking about this broadly as somebody that’s gonna help you get to the point where you have better writing so somebody that’s actually gonna get their hands dirty and not just do sort of the occasional for minor changes and things like that so again I can’t remember but don’t you already but I’m a professor of innovation strategy and entrepreneurship and I had this particular problem with my own work so I have a lot of issues with my own work I am NOT the best writer I have all sorts of problems with distractions and kind of not getting the words out correctly and not knowing how to sort of structure things you know it was it’s been really tough for me so I thought you know I’m sort of an engineer kind of person I am an engineer and as well as you know I’m trained in entrepreneurship and stuff and stuff so I thought I’d actually sort of create something to sort of navigate this problem but anyways with that me I’ll tell you all about that in a minute um so the first school of thought is that you have to pay for some sort of editor with your writing to improve it right so a copy editor or something like that and that’s gonna cost you and I do do I have somebody that I rely on and you know and it often will cost you thousands of dollars whatever it is maybe it’s so so for me I would do academic writing so I write articles and that you know it cost me sometimes thousands of dollars to for for to find somebody that’s that’s that’s truly is amazing and the person that I rely on is truly amazing you can find other people that probably do it much more cheaper I used to in high school I used to get my mom to help me out not kind of stuff and I just can’t ask her to do that now it’s just you know it’s I can’t so it could wring cost you anywhere from say five hundred dollars to a thousand thousands of dollars for you know 30 40 50 pages but then once you start getting into and traditionally so writers and editors will or sherry editors of any sort will charge by the word right because you could put a lot of stuff into a page so what they’re what they’re gonna do is charge you per word and it could be anywhere from you know probably a couple of cents to you know five cents a word and sort of depends on what they’re looking at what they’re going through and and you know it’s depends on the content and all that kind of stuff so it could add up if you’re writing a book of some sort and it’s you know a couple hundred pages of written work maybe you know eighty thousand words for example it’s gonna be you know it’s gonna start adding up and you’re gonna start looking into probably five to ten thousand range for to get that work edited a lot of editors are not all that good I apologize some in a a lot are amazing right truly truly amazing people they’re gonna help you out but some are not all that good and they’re not gonna help you out in a lot of different ways so the other sort of school of thought and that’s gonna be really expensive especially if you’re sort of a first-time person that’s doing sort of self-publishing and things like that it’s gonna be outside of your price range by far right like you’re expecting your first book that you have a right or first thing they ever write you’re expecting me nothing maybe a couple hundred bucks if you’re amazing you know that’s just kind of and unfortunately that’s that’s kind of what the range is right and when you first start out and you something so the the second thing is you just get out there and you start writing as much as you possibly can and write and write and write and write and write and and that is a really good school of thought you just kind of don’t really consider you know you don’t really consider the quality as much and I do do that personally for a lot of different things so for example you know right now currently as it stands I’m not really going through and editing I’m writing a bunch of stuff for the the notes but I’m not really going through and editing that much every once in a while I’ll put it through in the system that I created but in general I’m you know I’m just putting it out there and that that is fine because what you’re trying to do is build an audience and that’s sort of you know you’re just getting out there and being raw and putting stuff out and I just totally cool um and when you’re writing a book though that or writing something larger or like an academic article or something that really matters that you probably don’t want to do that that’s that’s gonna be it’s gonna hurt you a lot in the long run right because you’re gonna get a lot of barriers along the way so when I personally did what I actually had I had this interesting idea I thought I’d actually create some sort of software system that would help us you know help you and help many different people to sir navigate these particular issues where the problem when you sort of get sort of feedback from somebody else or the people are just not incentivize they’re not gonna help you out in any sort of way they’re gonna be like up whatever buddy I and truly that I bumped into that a lot and they just don’t really care and then the other side is you just I mean it’s too expensive right source adding up it’s really expensive and sometimes you know depending on what the document is it’s you know you’re kind of in a grey zone so I wanted to create something that was really fun and easy to use so I created this this software platform called reciprocity it’s a proofreading platform of reciprocity dot-com and really what you do is it actually tries to find quality editors for you so you can go so the cool thing is you go on there and you actually edit somebody else’s work to get credits and once you get credits for that you start building up and you can get your own work edited you could pay for it at the beginning and that’s probably the way that I would do it and I’ve been doing it as I just been paying you know it takes a little bit of time sometimes to go through the finding editor but I’m sort of sorting that out as I go and develop this and as people start using a little bit more I’m sorting out the sort of mechanism to speed that but generally it tries to find really good people that are going to give you feedback and help you out and try to reduce the cost as much as possible and as well as sort of create this community where you can help other people and it sort of provides feedback much more quicker it’s kind of like I you know a writing circle or something like that or a beta reader where you’re actually truly finding people that are incentivized to do that kind of stuff and that’s really hard to do it’s hard to find those particular people that are willing to do that and give you feedback and to create this particular community right it’s hard to do so I thought it’d be really cool the other cool thing that I wanted to do and this is for a part of you know a big broader sort of academic agenda is you know when I explore some really cool things with research you could look at some my other videos with that with helping people out in incentivizing people to be amazing and wonderful and awesome so yeah so so the idea is to to create some sort of system to reduce the cost as much as possible it’s called the transaction costs of getting feedback reduce as much as possible such that people are willing to sort of participate and help other people and you know create this utopia I guess right of similar writing website where people can actually help each other other people out and and it is it is working it was really cool I can sort of put stuff on there it takes time but it comes back and people vetted it and helped out and stuff and they get credits for that which is really neat so it’s getting around this particular problem of these sort of two schools of thought where one as you’re paying a lot up front the other one is your and you really don’t know the quality so it’s trying to to create a system where you actually have feedback on both the editors and I’m gonna start building that in eventually getting some more feedback for in the editors and for you as the writers and then the other thing is you know written making incentivizing people to participate in some sort of environment where it’s really easy to do that kind of stuff where people can join and participate yeah so that’s really what I’m trying to do is navigate the sort of in-between area right so you know it’s gonna be really expected that the people that are kind of you know it’s really hard to find somebody that is that is gonna help you and a lot of people don’t have their mom and don’t have their dad to help them out we’re sort of writing in that’s really what starts to happen after a while with a lot of people and then you know people that are kind of in between they can’t afford a lot of money to spend on an editor or writer and things like that so it’s to create the sort of system where it’s in between and and it creates kind of this sort of in-between spot right it’s really what I’m trying to do at this moment and to build it out to make it as useful as possible so that’s what I wanted to tell you about and oh so did I not answer so how much does it cost to hire an editor if you’re trying to do this health publishing thing if you’re trying to do sort of smaller things right so maybe 30 40 pages you’re looking at anywhere up to maybe $1,500 American USD and if you’re trying to do something bigger like a book it’s gonna cost you you know probably a five to ten thousand dollars for that kind of thing so that’s the kind of answer with that hopefully with this system then a building it’s gonna reduce the cost dramatically as well as allow you to help other people out so even if you don’t have the money as long as you’re helping other people out then it’s it’s essentially free and I tried to create it so there’s no system fees for you to actually go and participate on that particular platform if you’re just helping other people out so there’s absolutely no system fees at that moment if you’re just wanting to help other people out so that’s it that’s not one to say that’s my whole story feel alright well take take care and have a wonderful day bye

ЕГЭ по английскому. Сочинение. Часть 2: Opinion essay

the application of a stroke doctor comes from Katowice is that she hiccup and Lisp musical laborious pose will be tested this one the daniel said far suddenly the so co-owner opinion is safe le miss miniver’s cousin Lisa vineyard immersive singing opera glutamates in uniform hoppers stones must not stop it is let’s examine a package about that it’s not me me me me me not approaches that takes food Aramis complex because of it is the car makes very much delicious oh the one it besides still showing it is much focus that’s exactly what similar gosh right to take in literally wish performance in one correction is that’s exactly see with me would you be very surprised really good much the village is in exam confirm is missing material but I would consider that I needs a partnership solution how much on the whole estate this medicine with diamond Cecchini at the problem at the near Cottonwood HD Kathryn Medina Kathryn Wagner was pretty much patron Wars miscrits even answer questions it was partially serviceable initial mean what is your opinion J agree with this statement no usually besides the ristic least deserves Leslie knows this present it as much in his ability Sally Thomas is as I should wash the zucchini yes in my proxy is another selenium with legislation we don’t know if this disability salad motion businesses pencil to actually listen wrong with selenium achieving success llama it’s or societal in years anyways because the church the finest Russian Cecchini near Papa died Watson with the Tasha trait bomb even kiss machine produces not the doesn’t want but a bloody preach reading or dominions basmati gets observed first below the village team no never sees me he’s gonna fish DGP a reason yet it’s a browser those new genius and key but retain yards scissors harlotry power meaning original state as I said yes is such a meanie kibosh already wounded not dissing Nick did you wish in Russian media that initiative open the chamber that is are we with the pit stop of 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even in such a dramatic is dr. sadistic bastard miss Adachi we suppose it does not really have a really emotional basis custody to midnight the focus will deny me but every we knew who do this the rates it will come our greatest caching the practice guess who’s not know Bhushan conditions yes he is ability cover the soul to be right would a little keep in a person missing put the soul of our meaning right Yoshi smooth level try to open thoughts among dismiss gives a game what was that yeah brush was a very imaginative G touch projects a transnational very solution for that Patera sister sample is a hosted Jewish consultation with these precious designs a Paris James national on additional capital but cotton exceeds store know what was he believes is a non-homogenous struck to the elements depriving of the reservist machine periods at making introductions tipped the problem chameleon without the Polka such the data problem insertion people have been looking for something doing sports arguing about 24 since time immemorial since our time in the Bremen capella the co-president of the trivet is the problem of bully as I said she’s a cinnamon who observe mrs. talmann world in recent years — happy because I should probably a month so she stopped our my suggestion today we still want to have friends to do sports — today we still have problems the Digital Agenda mudpack cd- the selection option browser still chilling effect on and on to the salmon is a boar stability Jesus totally checked popularity novel crimes concerns if that was they post with a very a toaster at a problem when you are a smart person culture at the Lydia hey mush total yeah she’s the develop and episode she never the presented see this most completely pressed and that realization Jewish people was in there with those whom ustedes turns no video to the choice three still this synthesis wound it up recover but we are boolean from octopus to customers citizens in my opinion the criminals with neo-nazi Cheney with that signals the Muslims that in my opinion the Muslim central might want to you Elise positive would Regina Carter service or such position near the canoes but presents the opportunity atomic a polar pura she responsible Zarin garage so interesting observe our civilian Amasya uncovered yelling Putin in her chakras nirupa Roy Barkin epidermis motto she loves neutrals Houston area now over Virginia cotton that is persistently infected to different opportunities around in my opinion that special mascara unit first of all we would clearly passes did take a good with it really premier thorough who meant the coalition that bus linear commute dishonest the winner would receive see the chefs who is posing dismiss was effective a Russian national said I should respect its economy the other hand some people claim they say that yes in Las Noches newsroom said however some people were a little yes this lettuce not involve in it is disrespect this city she observes moon establish aims of poverty I strongly disagree with this view I turned to me disagree with this view it was really a conclusion which enlargement chest achieving you to know you promised mr. the USA you see maybe the conditional scope no the dissenting emotional despite the river despite other people’s opinion I still believe it was no adverse died valium enemy still got open was not James don’t cheat Catherine is beautiful young but she died social networking moji is made with people more antisocial stubborn onion pakoda is not it you dream it bashful yeah which arrives but don’t see your pan yet but choose to it look at Cynthia reason many social networking technologies making young people more and social social networking sites YouTube Facebook Twitter contacts under plastic yes account to do is cut pieces she that teaching all of us Oscar Chavez Lucy contacted immediately wash appreciative of us-based dissolve into the bush workout boot scootin even you better sit down now look at the Prieta you would do you must suddenly sitting with the computer destroyed some crisis no decisions but promoted because it’s a little chilly it represents a new smile yah-ha ill yahood as mobility adult was pushed to change the preset opinion bastard said that mr. baza is delicate I wish you choose paraben it takes a lot of time miss a lot in real life but what is the company as episode butcher now someday the best additional symmetry she took up inspecting love disappear professional brings the condition of our Casa de fazenda stamina motion fights in progress football popular words you cannot ask Lucy I’m needed on yes dealership all my communication is shallow we work of them up shared citizen services certificate cultures that I’ve seen you with a food a book when he visited scattered soul when he visible would see but samui bas-reliefs its own line it it certainly to postman city of life that a subzero bushy reasonably real nation will easily damaged it cannot replace real ah yes races control through see you know what she chairs the limousine Society pro Felicity email booster see if a new chair associate our sin is so he was growling panting — no system but first a pastrami assassin sauce oh she just pooted to popularise capacity to Brenda City brilliant mr. delicious nigga constable exceptions worst one in Sweden beep asleep in a moment Kaneesha CDC me laquifa computer reduce them it is unhealthy this dismiss one is already near Asli the problem of vanishing but al-mustafa very versatile mm a problem personage concern you a little bit Oh silly he has no different into the selfishness CP will pass multi-cut whom is easier not recommendable smart HDTV vu motion photography harsh winter woman but only approaches cutter momento online communication apotropaic ultimately pokemon acacia Sharon Terry to place a real no more cement barriers in school sent allow wood with people from all over the globe who’s the nativity materials movers will complete business Chile Rico it’s no easy lines II it was doing a terrific a one who serves mother Tobin decision now tell Costello specific national unity for observes a tenacity of the roses definitions vary we’ii be welcomed into homeownership Ramirez operates at observer Tobin pesto Loomis receive Apollo’s NetGalley onion with the shrubs axonometry a oral communication is shareowners counter-argument diminish our second argument with each intercom observes the t9 Bushra versus people have been something russia so they should probably respect you stop Shelley sadness is abundant rhythm it doesn’t want her to be upset if there is a need we still want our stillness tunnels of olive oil pepper garden even we each listen kind of stuff sesame seeds because they was very Donna Shalala Rosa cognitively smartest of fortunes people have been socializing since time immemorial we still want to have active social life it explains been really popularity of social networking sites in inner chakras how did this science interns life of young people perhaps okay the glittering Asperger’s both a movement a issue viselli is polishing the Iranian regime dr. woodcutter villain positive solutions in mind at the social networking sites and let it affect on social harmony and people first of all teenagers often forget online that we March Wilma see consequently they have comments all my friends than serious communication problems in real life secondly the science offer many time wasting activities so young people spent hours on these studies as a result they do not have time to do product artists like James Bond or hoodie and honest society activities that customer is dealing up shares the simulator no brother.if sim chromatography with premier settees finally this last time is very bad for physical and mental health so tenacious for different problems such as poor eyesight or irregular to the factorial conversation no new defensive commonality success though these are both groups collective spirit resides in Romania so psychologically has a new momentum academics between the process the bottom who stops accomplishment we forgot remain as such as for the prompt descendants of negation gotta come home especially when you see a lady speakers women competitions but as a new novel yogurt Oh Brown design you might say the sheer size of this table fits abolish the mania within us the rest of us material Oh merciful Jesus on that hand some people claim that social networking sites influence lives of young people in a positive way because the signs are important people from all over the world besides they read people own interests see observe not total moment we is virtually a small testicle kunam suggests s genia have doubled our crab dual motor step gladly russia argumented loosely indians the cataract of Gotama I strongly disagree disagree because communication is people you do not know that very unlikely even idiot have common interest is sleeping and can’t race face-to-face communication it’s not resume what are you rushing in Opa argument look past Alex Pappas daughter is it the most resourceful imagine a stadium sense prefer the sheena parsley nice with the crew genius notice that we wouldn’t know mineus my birthday despite other people’s opinion and still them that such social networking sites dutiful young people’s lives but only complicate them ever children special money stop it establish a we need portable consoles is this first lady Moses winners in the end of the rivet assume damaged up Moochie big crisis cousin taught yourself 13 stop let’s pass another stone speeches websites websites crazy good yeah this modules we need changes without you only exam Google up happens when the bareness these opportunities authorities gotta squash you’re dodging with our most personal comments on our sites in DP they will see me is in me booboo Sousa namu aside it was not reached down circuit because that she examine the Inca Palace by citizen